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Author: Subject: Auto Summarizing Can Be Fun
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[*] posted on 7-3-2009 at 05:37 AM

Wow. My summary made sense.
Unfortunately, it is very inappropriate. I am writing an erotica...
This was pretty amusing, however. Thanks for sharing[=

Jessie Heekin (JFHeekin)
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JulNoWriMo Title: An Avengers Family Christmas

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[*] posted on 7-3-2009 at 07:27 AM


“What if you’re not here tomorrow night?”
Hi, Freddy. Another Wayans Brothers movie tonight?
Carrie said, stepping forward so they were face to face.
“We’ve talked about this.”
“You remember Carrie.
My grandma’s Christmas party?”
“Talk to me if you wanna talk to me.”
“Okay,” Carrie said.
Carrie wasn’t sure what to think.
Grandma said.
Carrie looked up from her work. “What?”
“Okay, Grandma.”
“Why don’t you help Carrie put the returns away?”
Good night, now.”

Carrie looked up as Lola approached. “What ‘thing’?”
“That Dizzer.
Carrie’s mouth dropped open.

2% of my novel makes no sense at all.

No, you're not lost. You're right where you belong.
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JulNoWriMo Title: Kaolin

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[*] posted on 7-3-2009 at 12:42 PM

John and Arlen.
John shouted.
“John, stop!”
“Oh, Cyrill.” John returned. John shouted. Cyrill asked.
Maya interrupted.
“Stop, Maya!” Cyrill shouted. Maya argued.
“Cyrill!” Cyrill followed.
Cyrill shrugged.
Maya asked. Maya asked. Maya asked. Maya returned.
“John!” Cyrill asked.
John snapped.
Maya piped. John laughed. Maya whispered.
John whispered to Arlen.
Maya stated.
John! Maya! Cyrill! Arlen!
“Maya, huh?”
“Maya…” Cyrill asked. Cyrill said.
John and Arlen’s.
John yelled.
Cyrill didn’t reply.
“Cyrill?” “Cyrill…” Cyrill.
“Hey, Cyrill?”
Maya didn’t reply. Especially Cyrill.
"Cyrill! Cyrill! Maya's aunt? Cyrill said.
"Laverne," Cyrill hissed. Maya shouted.
Wow... That's my novel in 100 words or less. It's like 30,000 words total (a WIP), so it had to be short. Is this seriously what my novel is about!?! Cyrill's not even a super main character! Why do I use his name so much?

-Insert wicked awesome quote here-

JulNo 2010: Kaolin, 13,910 words
Sanity (assuming what I start with to be 100%): 80% O.o
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[*] posted on 7-3-2009 at 11:12 PM

I went inside the Shadow House. “Can I play?”
People like me. Our last names were all identical—“Shadow”. We were shadows. Dear Chase,
I could run faster than any of the other kids at school—faster than any of the other kids in the district. My house was two miles from the Shadow House and five miles from school. “Right. Sorry. I left school and started running wherever I felt like. I ran after the police car. I dimly heard Detective Talbot yell “Freeze!” and the sound of running feet, followed by several gunshots. I ran faster, hoping Talbot and Lewis weren’t hurt.
“Stop,” I said.
I shook my head. I heard Detective Talbot yell. “Hands in the air!”
Jack laughed shakily. “Jack,” I said aloud. Talk to them, Jack. “Don’t you trust me?” “All right. Some people get addicted to the feeling of absolutely trusting someone. Trust me.” I wondered if I’d find his parents in jail for child abuse if I looked.



Oh, wow, I just realized that this makes the Shadow House sound like a whorehouse or something (or maybe that's just me being paranoid). It's a teen shelter. Way to go, Word!

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JulNoWriMo Title: unFocused

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[*] posted on 7-3-2009 at 11:40 PM

ooh... Auto Summarize is crazy. Here's mine for the document actually containing my novel:

The streets were lined with throngs of people, all anxious to see the Prince, as well as the rest of the royal family. Many had high hopes of getting to dance with the prince that night.
“Calep, hush. Prince Kindrick said.
Prince Kindrick was apparently very impressed with my ability to move about on the dance floor.
“You dance quite well, you know. “Elliana. Elliana Tyrvanille. I danced a lot with my friends, and even more with the prince, which caught the attention of many people. Prince Kindrick and I got separated and I got knocked over a couple of times by people trying to flee the flames.
Right there!" The man from the parade!
I remembered dancing with the prince, the fire, and getting hit with something. “Elliana!! Elliana Tyrvanille!”
“Kelshir! Sir! Paetreus, Calep, Jalep… come with me, please. Prince Kindrick, please be so kind as to escort us in.”
“Father! Sir, Kelshir Tyrvanille, father of Elliana, the girl who has been reported missing, requests an audience with you,” Prince Kindrick stated with an obvious note of urgency in his voice. “Thank you, father.”
“Sir, if you’ll please follow me upstairs. “Well, well, well… Even a Prince with responsibilities such as yourself. As Prince Kindrick prepared to respond, his father walked into the room.
“Kelshir, Kindrick, I do hope that did not take too long.”
“I danced with her many times last night, and I found this note. Prince Kindrick cut him off. “Father! Please, Father.”
The King was beginning to waver, though, and Prince Kindrick could see it. “Father, just… at least… The Prince has actually taken the advice of a merchant. Last night, he danced with her more than any other girl,” Jalep began.
I think I know very well what was going on in Prince Kindrick’s mind, then. “Don’t worry, Paetreus. If the King commanded all members of the King’s Own to stay put, then Paetreus would not be permitted to join in the search party for Elliana, family member or not.
In the Palace, Prince Kindrick was involved in his own battle with his father. “Father.
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[*] posted on 7-4-2009 at 09:43 PM

“Crap” Julie moaned, “Surface area, or volume?” “Look down” Alex commanded. Julie did so. Alex could probably help Julie with her mathematical woes, Julie figured. Alex was smart. “Oh, uh, hey Alex” Julie replied, grinning a slightly nervous grin.
“Julie?” Alex growled. Julie heaved a sigh, apparently not.
Julie trailed off, chuckling sheepishly. “You suck” Julie sighed, defeated.
Hannah asked, thin eyebrow’s furrowing questioningly at Julie. Julie shrugged, half-hearted. Hannah scratched that. Julie squeaked, “No way!” Julie’s face flushed, and Hannah felt sure she had been right.
“What’s the matter with Alex?” Hannah queried. “Harmless” Julie snorted, “Right.”
Hannah rolled her eyes, sighing.
Julie continued, partially in jest, partially questioning. For months Hannah had been pressing to find out Julie’s feelings towards Alex. Julie finished weakly.
Hannah followed his stare. Hannah repeated, dubious.
“Setting Alex and Julie up on a date” Hannah proclaimed.
Hannah demanded.
Hannah assured him, green eyes wide, “I know for a fact Julie likes Alex!”
“No, it’s based of the logic that Julie likes Alex.”
Jake’s eyes widened. Hannah nodded.
Jake paused, contemplating. Hannah watched, impatient. Julie was asking Alex, slinging her bag over her shoulder.
Alex was leaning against the locker next to Julie’s, cracking his knuckles absentmindedly. “Sure” Alex agreed, “It’s what? Julie nodded, “Mhm.”
Alex’s hazel-flecked eyes strayed to Julie’s face. A legitimate fear, Alex realized shortly. Alex sighed softly. “Going out with Julie tonight?” Julie’s meeting me there.” Alex stated. Alex’s mom stared at the fridge, contemplating.

T_T That made no sense. At all.
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[*] posted on 7-5-2009 at 05:11 AM

Oh, no. I think Alex's mum and that fridge could develop a meaningful relationship...

Because I write sections at a time, I've basically got a summarised version of most of the story.

Nick was not very strong in picking up what people thought.
What if I didn’t fit in? It was as if he had walked right out of Scandinavia. The contrast had caught my eye right away. Even if they did all sound alike.). Time for recess.
Time to tackle the battlefield of the canteen.
Time to get squashed and pushed and shoved everywhere.
You’re Louisa, right?”
“Um.” “I’m Fiona, but you can call me Fi if you want.” Yeah! “Um. “Yeah! “Yeah.” “Great!”
Wow, it’s gotta be difficult going to such a big school.” “Yeah. I relaxed a little. All I really remember thinking after that was: Rudolf?
“Where’s Claire and Jonno?” continued Fiona.
Fiona whipped her head around. Rudolf snickered, and James laughed outright.
Friend? Claire’s ‘perfect match’? “Well… I met this girl called Fiona and I sat with her friends at lunch. I didn't get up until tea-time.
School, recess, more school, lunch, yet more school…You got used to these things very quickly, I discovered. The bus. It seemed to work. New people, new faces, new place—once again, I was thrust into a churning pot of people. The classes? I just don’t have time, that’s all.”

I met Nick’s mum when Nick asked me to come over and work on the project. Then I looked again, shielding my eyes this time, as well as squinting. “Mum, there’s this guy called Nick at school—” Straightaway she looked up.
“We’ve been assigned to a school project. “Well… “Mum!” “Dad. Parents! “Oh, all right.” If your mum wants to

“Aw, Mum! “Nick?”
I got to know more people as time went on. I was friends with several girls in my science, English, and sose classes. We had disinterested conversations that passed the time pleasantly enough.
Nick ran away and camped out bush for the night twice. Nick was really upset at not seeing Catherine.

Nick was missing.
“Hey Nick. We never talk anymore, do we?”
What was school like? “Yeah, well. Hairdressing. “Hey, Lou.” Nick’s voice came across the phone with ill-concealed excitement.
I think you’re jealous of Nick!” “I don’t care about Nick like that.” Claire was over, and Fiona was down to visit. This time her hair was light green, and gently curled. Nick looked feverish with excitement- even just feverish. “Nick’s gone.”
Catherine was sick and Nick had run off.

Nick has a fever

Well—Nick’s story.

For some reason, Word's picked out all of my worst sentences. I think I'm gonna go drown myself.

And it's Claire's hair that's green, not Fiona's...

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JulNo 09: 13 018 words

JulNo Blog: 30daysofterror.wordpress.com
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[*] posted on 7-5-2009 at 09:50 PM

The young man, David, entered the room, dressed well. Aldric held up his hand, stopping his assistant. Thanks.”
Donna nodded. Aldric smiled, hiding his rage. Aldric Kenton’s offices.
Aldric shook his head. Aldric shook his head. Yeah right. “Jared here.”
“Sure Gage. Gage slid the folder of information across the table to Jared.
“Kalla Letho… yep.” Gage took a drink.
Gage leaned forward elbows on the table.
Jared nodded.
Gage sighed. Gage nodded. Gage nodded. Jared nodded. Gage ran a hand through his hair. Jared shrugged. Jared asked.
Gage shrugged. Gage looked at her. Jared nodded. “Yes Esmond?”
Esmond nodded. Kalla looked up at her head guard and friend. “Hi Kalla,
Angelica. Kalla smiled. Esmond nodded. “Thanks.”
“Very well. “Missing actress Kalla Letho wanted for questioning. Aldric shook his head. Aldric tilted his head in thought. Aldric nodded. Aldric steepled his hands on his desk. Aldric shook his head. Aldric shook his head.
Check to verify credit card information.
Gage hung up the phone with Mr. Kenton. Gage raised his eyebrow. “I meant Kalla Letho.”
Jared threw a paper on Gage’s desk. Gage opened the paper. Gage looked up. Jared shrugged. Gage shrugged. Jared shook his head. Gage sat back in his chair. Jared smiled. Jared stepped forward. Gentleman, this is Gage Xavier.”
Gage frowned. James shook his head. Damien shook his head. “Well there’s your answer.”

A knock sounded on Kalla’s door. Esmond nodded. Esmond shook his head. Kalla shook her head. Esmond shook his head. Kalla nodded. Esmond smiled. “Very well. “Very well. Gage shook his head. Food! Gage thought he might have been hallucinating. “I’m Gage Xavier.” “What are doing here Gage Xavier?”
Gage shook his head. Esmond nodded his head once.
Jared’s cell phone rang.
Kalla narrowed her eyes at her guard. Esmond stepped forward. Kalla narrowed her eyes. “Why? The other guards grinned and Kalla shook her head. “Very well.

Mine is a bit longer cause I did it with more of a word count...
I think all my male characters are bobble toys... they keep shaking their heads!
Too funny!
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[*] posted on 7-5-2009 at 09:55 PM

Zach nodded. Coffee beans. I nodded. Kay bye” I glared at Zach as Josh nodded and walked off. "Zach, calm down.." I sighed. Zach nodded and stood up. I grabbed my coffee and walked towards the shop door with Zach. Zach was nice. I sighed. I smiled. I nodded.

“Hey!” “Zach, put me down! “Zach, put me down! Zach finally put me down. “Danny?” I sighed. “Zach?” I sighed. Jasmine, this is Danny my old childhood friend” Zach smiled lightly and gestured to Danny. Zach nodded. Danny nodded. I sighed. “Dryer?”
I grinned and turned around and kissed Zach. Chapter 2- Danny’s POV
I sighed. I sighed. You saw Zach!?” You saw Zach…?” I sighed. I sighed. I sighed. I kissed Zach and then smiled. Zach sighed, “Wonder who that could be…” Zach asked. “Morgan?” Zach said, in a softer tone. I sighed. Danny asked, I nodded and he kept walking. I smiled. “Danny! “Zach?” “Zach!?”
I sighed.

LOL I like it. Apparently my MC sighs alot though xP
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[*] posted on 7-6-2009 at 01:48 AM

*snicker* Word doesn't like formatting.

The Academies

The Flaxen Gold Academy and King’s Valley Academy are the two original schools, but the newest, Gatama’s Elite Institute, has quickly risen in power and renown.


King’s Valley Academy is the only major institution in the Erokou district. It is now forbidden by law to tear down King’s Valley Academy, just like Flaxen Gold Academy. King’s Valley Academy was taking everyone else in.

Flaxen Gold Academy and Kings Valley Academy each specialize in a different part of the challenge. Ina Cahi

After a while, she became the unofficial tester of King’s Valley Academy. Ina Cahi is the legacy left behind by the now obsolete King’s Valley Academy. FLAXEN GOLD ACADEMY [ZYY]

Flaxen Gold Academy is the second major institution for training young fighters in the Third Continent, after King’s Valley Academy.

Flaxen Gold Academy is headed by a Student Council who dominate all the teachers, except for the Headmaster. Gatama’s Elite Institute

Gatama’s Elite Institute was founded only three weeks before the Annual Tournament between Flaxen Gold and King’s Valley, and in that short time, they have defeated Flaxen Gold Academy. The Tournament began in the early days of Flaxen Gold Academy. Erokou District

The Erokou District is home to King’s Valley Academy, the only battle school in the entire District. Nobody except the students and faculty are allowed to remain within the walls of King’s Valley Academy.

City of Zale

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JulNoWriMo Title: Untitled Romance

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[*] posted on 7-6-2009 at 02:52 PM

@Larchyk: my next kid will be named Semylle, thanks :)

here's my senseless summary

The non-princess’s makeup is smudged from kissing Ant. I think Ant just isn’t her prince.
Let’s talk about sex (1-1)
Shoulda left Little Rey at home, no? Ant sits on the other end of the couch, his hands tucked between his knees. Millionaire play clothes, I suppose. “All right,” Ant sighs finally. stupid plus cute works well for some men.
Dr. Mears moves to chide me for my sarcasm but Ant holds up a hand. “My father, baby,” Ant says. I head to the bathroom while Ant and Dr. Mears discuss something, presumably Ant’s nutty father.
Reason to stay #3: I love his mother
My godsons come over and Ant stays far away. Ant asked. Ant dropped his drink. Ant didn't notice her. Was it Devin? Was Devin leaving his girlfriend for me? Ant whined as the attendant squired me away. Please?"
He groped for my hand. Ant shook his head and turned away again. "I'm too tired," Ant apologized, kissing my hair. "Getting old, baby."
"Well, if you had small feet, you'd tip over. I wear what’s nice. Ant nodded and the woman agreed. I turned to Ant and demanded a palanquin.
Why was Ant an ass? In short, Ant was possessive and treated me like mindless arm candy.
Coco dies

Either the baby is Ant's, meaning I'm super-stuck with him, or it's Devin's, meaning Ant flips on me.
Cleaning Devin’s house
My cell phone jerked me awake, dancing on Devin's night stand. I checked the time again. Ant, Ant, Ant. Devin, LaMya, a number I didn't recognize, horoscope, weather, joke of the day. 74 degrees and sunny, a duck walks into a bar, call Ant, call Ant, call Ant.
I called Devin. "Yeah."
I carried a pile of Devin's clean clothes back into the room.
Rosemary’s wedding
Ant has worked his way around the edge of the dance floor to my side. "Honey," Ant says. I growl into Ant's lapel. Roman and Ant are at the bar. Rosemary sucks her lip. Devin and Ant, Ant and Devin. "Whatever. Please." I rolled my eyes.
First Kiss
Devin was dragging his feet, I could see that. "Fine!" I wasn't scared of a little kiss, was I?
"Daddy," Ryan began, "We here in the Foster home feel that Devin deserves a first kiss. Daddy checked his watch. "Kiss the girl!" Devin protested again. Ryan pretty much pushed Devin into me. "You're twelve, right? Devin materialized at my side. Devin asked. I go home and Devin’s sons are gone.
Devin Declares Valentine’s Day
Devin or no Devin, love of my life or not, I’m supposed to be waiting for marriage. But oh, God, the way he kisses my neck and clutches my hand. Reading? Gretchen says.
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JulNoWriMo Title: The Gypsy Fireball Wars [tenative]

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[*] posted on 7-6-2009 at 03:14 PM

The Director’s head shot up off her desk. “Elizabeth Runner! “Sorry ma’am,” Elizabeth apologized for what must be the fortieth time this morning. The Director, whose full title (according to her nameplate) was Dr. Amelia Marli, PhD, waved off the teen’s apology. Liz queried. Sometimes if you didn’t remind her, the Director would totally forget you were there.
“Hmm? Dr. Marli started searching another stack, mostly junk mail.
Liz continued staring at her boss, hands clasped behind her back.
“There’s been a small uprising in Fossil World.”
The 16-year-old feigned humble surprise.
“Oh, don’t give me that,” the Director snapped. It was often hard to make sense of the Director’s train of thought. “The Rebel Queen… a lofty title. If you can, find out if she does tie to the Prince.”
Liz flipped her waist-length blonde waves over her shoulder as she opened her ‘homework’.
A small scrap of paper fell out. “Hmm? Director had already gone back to her paperwork. Justin Pallot (for that was his name) pushed open the Director’s heavy wooden door. Scary. “Wh-wh… huh?”

oooo wow. :confused: *scratching head* that made no sense whatsoever.... and i promise, my story is not that lame.

Confidence is taking on the world in high heels.
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[*] posted on 7-15-2009 at 07:32 AM

Wow. I think mine is kinda hilarious.

“Yeah.” Name: Chelsea Brown
Age: 10
Brian asked.
White? Name: Brian Miller
Age: 14
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
Brian smiled for the first time. Normal, normal, normal.”
If you don’t’ do them. Age: 16
“I’m Brian.” The little girl said.
“Mine’s Amanda.”
Your turn.”
“Julie.” “Julie! Anyways. Yeah.
Anyways. Oh, yeah, and Mom, if you ever read this, I’m sorry. “Jamie, Brian, Daisy, and Melanie.”
Age: 11
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.”
“Care. Care. Care. Shrink. Name: Jamie Peters
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
Name: Daisy
Jamie shrugged.
Jamie nodded.
“Sorry.” Sorry? People eat dinner with people everyday.

This story I've written in like different fonts, and I really wish they had come up, it was even more amusing then, because it showed where each part actually came from. But I'm too lazy to actually change the fonts, so yeah.

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JulNoWriMo Title: The Questions of My Life

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[*] posted on 7-17-2009 at 04:18 PM

I decided to do this again with what I have now. Here's what came up:

Catie smiled at him. Catie’s heart went out to him. Catie hesitated. Robin nodded. Catie bit her lip, then sighed. “Okay, Robin. Robin nodded. Catie swallowed twice before she managed to answer. “Katrina Olivia Gephardt.”
Catie could well believe it. “The sixth card…” Catie trailed off for a moment. The client scowled at the seventh card. “There are many interpretations of the Death card. Catie and three other people about her age were playing a game of cards on the floor of the main wagon. “Woman named Gephardt came in yesterday. Catie contemplated her cards and threw down a low card. Tabitha Vãduva collected the cards she had won. Catie asked dryly.
Robin frowned. Catie had a higher number.”
People tipped him more often than they tipped Catie. “Was the Gephardt woman the blonde, Catie? Catie smiled. Catie moved over to give him room.
“Nah,” Jericho said, drawing a card. Catie patted his shoulder. Catie smiled. “Detective Humphrey Williams, ma'am, and my partner Detective Edgar Monroe. Catie looked. Detective Monroe looked slightly impressed. "Uh, no," Catie answered, smiling slightly. Detective Monroe asked.
“A medium,” Catie corrected him. Catie sighed. Catie thought for a moment. “The first card promised financial stability. “Thursday,” Catie answered promptly. Catie closed her eyes, seeing the spread. “The first card was the emperor. Catie froze. “What?”
Catie swallowed. Children? Catie hesitated. Detective Williams remained behind. Catie sighed. Catie hesitated. Detective Williams scowled. Catie nodded. Catie winced. Catie blushed. “Hecate.”
Catie shrugged. “Hecate Delphi. Catie gasped. “Shut down, Miss Delphi,” sneered Detective Monroe. Catie cried out as the boxes fell through the air. Catie couldn’t help but cry out again as the cards rained down onto the floor. Angrily, Catie dashed away the tears from her eyes. Detective Williams stood. “Catie?”
“Catie? “Your grandmother’s cards?”
“I didn’t d-drop it,” Catie answered. Humphrey suppressed a sigh. Edgar asked.
Humphrey shook his head. Humphrey hesitated. Humphrey glanced at him. Humphrey was speechless. Edgar bawled. Humphrey hesitated. Edgar protested.
Humphrey nodded. Catie bit her lip. “I can’t imagine a better life,” Catie agreed.
Laughing, Catie grabbed the deck in question. Catie smiled at some long-buried memories. Conversation with Catie and the Detective
“Rhonda?” repeated Detective Williams incredulously. Momma’s last name was Delphi. “No,” Catie said impatiently. The one whose cards my—partner—knocked over?” asked Detective Williams.
Catie put a hand on her hip. “Tarot?”
Catie nodded. “And palm reading. Catie hesitated. Catie shook her head. Detective Williams frowned. Detective Williams nodded. Catie gave a short, bitter laugh. Catie gave him a look. Detective Williams blinked. Detective Williams frowned. Catie shrugged uncomfortably and replaced her scarf.

“Humphrey, watch the road!”
Delphi had been Minnea’s aunt’s last name, her mother’s maiden name. Minnea did so. Please,” Minnea added. “What’s your name, madam? My name is Minnea Williams.”
Where is Minnea Williams’s son?”
Minnea smiled. The gypsy smiled. Minnea nodded thoughtfully. “Death,” Minnea completed. Minnea asked.
Minnea nodded. “And the rest of the cards?”
The gypsy trailed off, frowning at the cards.
Minnea asked anxiously.
Minnea tried to remember. Minnea smiled warmly, if a bit shakily. “I do remember you, Catie. Catie shook her head. Humphrey was breathing hard. “Oh, thank God you’re okay,” Catie breathed. Blue eyes peered up at Catie’s dark green ones. “Robin? Robin? Robin giggled.
“Catie? Catie knelt down next to him. Right?”
“Right.” Catie looked up at Minnea. “Robin?”
Humphrey smiled, tears in his eyes. Catie shook her head, eyes bright. Catie smiled. Humphrey looked at Minnea in confusion. Minnea pointed to Catie. “Neither did I,” Catie told him.

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[*] posted on 7-17-2009 at 09:44 PM

All I know is that autosummarize puts just about every single time i mention the MCs name in the summary, and lots of inconsiquential stuff that has nothing to do with the basic plot *sigh* well, that's what rewrites are for.

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JulNoWriMo Title: Kalambria

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[*] posted on 7-18-2009 at 01:19 AM

I summarised 5% of the document and got 3,000 words, soooo, I'm not going to copy-paste the whole thing. However the first line of the summary amused me:

Proud for my self, my city, my people. Three people had died.

Because three people dying would just fill everyone with pride, right??

Every time I summarise it, the last sentence always turns out to be:

People have to know.

Which I also like. It's not the actual last sentence of my story, but it's nice and poignant and I like it. :)
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JulNoWriMo Title: Chaos is Thicker than Blood

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[*] posted on 7-18-2009 at 01:35 AM

I made it only summarize my word document with 500 words or less... my MC's name (Bridgette) was in almost every single line. As would be expected. I am very pround to say, though, that it did not become a big long line of "Bridgette said" or "said Bridgette." I feel like that's an accomplishment...
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JulNoWriMo Title: Synth Spells

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[*] posted on 7-24-2009 at 08:05 AM

Crap, stupid names. I'm not sure why autosummarize always picks names, but my .5% summary was a name every other word. It was chopping up sentences, and throwing out punctuation. Just 500+ words with 250+ names.

JulNo '12 - Synth Spells

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[*] posted on 7-24-2009 at 08:29 AM

Originally posted by Kristina
Then pressing it back to his ear, he asks, "So, did you just wake me for some idle chit chat, or do you actually have something you want to say to me?" "Ah. " Kim rolls his eyes as he hears papers shuffling at the other end of the line. He can feel every security guard's eyes on him as he pockets his notes and takes to the back stage area. Scribbling down the name, he makes a few notes of common features between the four: tye-dyed hair, dark make-up and accessorising with chunky plastic necklaces and leather wristbands. Then rolls his eyes to her retreating back, disappearing up the little walkway past the security guard --- who was staring quite hard at him through narrow eyes. Quivering hands sink into the hot folds of his pockets, and he tries to keep a straight face as he manouvers around intruments and heads toward the door.

At least the ending was appropriate for a summary. :rolleyes:

[color=hotpink]With an extra 66k to the plot, I decided to try this again:[/color]

The other man swivels in his seat, staring at Kim through hazel eyes, "My name is Yasu." "Nice to meet you," Kim says, then turned to Jade and asked. Jade slaps a hand over his eyes, "What the f~k is that?" "Daylight, Jade," Kim laughs, pulling the curtains back further on their pegs. He turns his back and walks back over to the corner of the room, setting himself down on a stool beside the drum set and pulling his acoustic guitar back onto his lap. "It's Diana Queen." Casting his eyes to the clock, he lets his eyes widen in shock. The middle-aged man seems amused as he hands the strawberry flavoured sweet to Yasu, who beams at the snackfood and promptly thanks the man as he walks out of the park.

[color=hotpink]Yasu and Diana aren't even major characters... but I think I prefer this to the original summary.[/color]

~ ♥ ~
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