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Author: Subject: Character Introductions!
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[*] posted on 6-6-2014 at 11:38 AM
Character Introductions!

I know Tina normally does this, but I'm getting a little impatient this year.

Copy-Pasta'd from last years thread!

Let us know a little more about your characters before you begin role-playing to help us better understand and visualise them. :)

You can use your own format if you wish or you can use ours:

[b]Full Name[/b]: [b]Preferred Name[/b]: [b]Sex[/b]: [b]Age[/b]: [b]Birthday[/b]: [b]Species[/b] / [b]Race[/b]: [b]Nationality[/b]: [b]Appearance[/b]: [b]Personality[/b]: [b]Skills[/b]: [b]Backstory[/b]: [b]Additional Information[/b]: This is just an extra section (mostly aimed at the fantasy/sci-fi writers) who wish to explain anything unique to their character or their species.

Have fun! :)
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[*] posted on 7-3-2014 at 12:52 PM

I feel like such a dork, being the first one, but here goes! He needs constant development, so I figure if this ever gets up and running, he could use the work. ;)

Full Name: Yura Tarasivich Musinov
Preferred Name: Tsar Yura

Sex: Male

Age: 17
Birthday: December 16

Species / Race: Human / Dolvari, Kazali
Nationality: Imrauvian

Appearance: Very pale, and short for an Imrauvian--standing at 5'10''. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, with a sharp face and lean build. He almost exclusively wears dark blue, one of the colors of his country.
Personality: Cold, calculating and caustic, Yura's inherent attractiveness is rather wasted on him. He has incredibly unhealthy coping mechanisms, preferring to push others away and strike out in anger if things should happen to not go his way.
Skills: Yura is skilled at swordplay and chess. He makes up for in sheer cleverness and wit what he's severely lacking in social etiquette.

Backstory: Yura became tsar at 14 after the untimely death of his father, Tsar Taras. His Lord Protector, Sergey Vinogradov, was quickly replaced by Jakob Albrecht after abandoning the boy to the Turyan at 15. The numerous attempts on his life, in conjunction with his father's reputation for being soft and the amount of opposition he faces on a daily basis, have made him cold and untrusting. He has a soft spot, however, for those who are good-spirited as they remind him of his childhood friend, Aleksei Kiselev, who met an unfortunate fate.
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[*] posted on 7-3-2014 at 07:03 PM

Full Name: Tansy Harris
Preferred Name: Tan

Sex: Female

Age: 8-and-10-months
Birthday: 12th June

Species / Race: Human. Caucasian
Nationality: English

Appearance:Tall for her age, all long legs and arms. Sandy coloured, curly hair that won't stay neat no matter what, blue-green eyes and a turned up nose. She dresses in jeans or shorts for preference, but has recently started wearing more "girly" tops with them.

Personality: A different ambition every week, Tansy doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, but it's going to be big and impressive whatever it is. She is enthusiastic, passionate and vocal, but without much staying power (yet). Though, if she ever does find a cause to stick to seriously, the world had better watch out!

Inclined to be bossy and opinionated, but is generally friendly unless given a reason not to be.

Skills: Physical, mostly. She runs fast, climbs well, and is in good shape - although she eats like a horse to make up for using all that energy during a growth spurt. She's got good speed, decent strength, but not such good stamina. A sprinter rather than a marathon runner. Fearless with heights and speed, she's an absolute demon on her bike.

Backstory: The middle child of three sisters (Maya, Tansy and Rose), brought up by a single mother (Simone). The father (or possibly fathers) is never mentioned at home, or anywhere else. Simone is an artist, but doesn't seem to have any particular medium or style. She seems to make a living out of it, somehow; unless she is independently wealthy (which seems more likely). The girls have never questioned where the money comes from, and the family don't live any more or less extravagantly than the rest of the town.

Additional Information: Her best friends are both boys, and she's starting to grow apart from them a little. She doesn't consciously copy her older sister, but Maya Harris' "boys are stupid" attitude is starting to have an affect on the way Tansy feels about her friends.

Tansy Harris is a secondary character in a novel that I will probably be drafting this time next year. At the moment, she's little more than someone for my main characters to talk to (or argue with) so I'm hoping to get to know her a little better through RP.
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