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Author: Subject: Letters To Your Characters
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[*] posted on 7-23-2007 at 01:40 PM
Letters To Your Characters

The "Letters to Your Muse" thread inspired me, and I remembered how much I loved this topic in NaNo last year. Post your love (and hate) letters to your characters to here ^_^

I'll start! =D

Dear Frey,

I really thought you were going to become the favourite character this time round. I loved your introduction, although I thought hanging from the lampshade was a little OTT. You're a shameless show-off, you know! If you weren't so interesting to write about, I'd have killed you off by now. As it is, I quite like you.


We have a problem. I'm at 50K, and you still haven't revealed your true motives. Don't try and kid me with the 'files', mate - I know you better than that! You're up to something, and it's not just your plans to take down the Organisation. If you would care to reveal your grand plan, that would be ever so helpful.

Also, please stop being so horrible to your Aislin and co. Okay, so they're really little more than your mind-control dollies. But still. I'm sick of you abusing them at every turn!

And your treatment of Nuri gives me guilt pangs. He worships the ground you walk on (and he's freaking adorable =p). So please be a little nicer to him in future. He's supposed to be your closest friend. Yes, Frey, a real friend. Not a slave. Please stop treating him as such. I'm beginning to think you may be a sociopath.


P.S: You're starting to scare me.

Dear Aislin,

I do realise you've been bewitched by Frey, but it would be nice if you were a tad less gooey over him. It's sickening.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Lots of love,

Dear Nuri,

I love you. Don't let Frey upset you too much. I promise to write something nice for you soon! Honest!

Hugs and kisses,

Dear Xanthe,

Wow! You were unexpected! Nice little introduction, baldie. Hope to see you around =D


Dear Jamie,

Where have you gone? Come back! You're essential to the plot!

Beware, Jamie, you're on thin ice. Any longer, and I'll kill you off. Possibly with a shovel.

Don't think I won't do it! Xanthe will take over your role. I like him better anyway. Ha.

No love,

Dear Arabella and Dysis,

Love you two! You're fantastic side-characters, and for once, you have minds of your own. You don't just follow the main character around and agree with their thoughts! Awesome! I'd certainly appreciate it if you found a way to work yourselves into the main plot. You're in Frey's team - it should be easy.

And Arabella - your backstory made me feel like crying. I would have preferred it if you'd revealed it a *little* earlier, as I'm frantically trying to give hints through the first section now.

Dysis - nice history with Frey. Livens things up doesn't it? And sorry, but he'll NEVER get together with you. You're awesome, don't get me wrong, but Frey is incapable of true affection. And he's more concerned with manipulating Aislin than you. As you two are friends, I look forward to seeing the outcome of that one!

Lots of love and huggles,

Dear Loki,


Nice to see you here! I was worried that you weren't going to make it this time round. (I squeed when you popped up. You're just too awesome Loki ^_^)

How many novels in a row is it now! Three? How about I see you in November to make it four? =p

Just one question - why did your cameo have to involve chickens? It made me laugh and head-desk at the same time.

ILY Loki <3 *Squee*

Truckloads of huggles and kisses,
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[*] posted on 7-24-2007 at 10:25 AM

Dear Cassy,

You, my girl, need to get back in the game. You started out nicely but after you met Tim you started going down hill. STOP FAWNING OVER HIM! He's not that great, sure he can build a fussion engine and a nice computer to boot but he is a slob at times.

And another thing, you don't seemed to beat up about your boss getting murdered. Now this is causing trouble, either you two where not that close or you should be bawlin' your eyes out when his name comes up. If it is the first one then why the frell did he leave you his house and car! (I can see the money but the house and car?) If it is the latter then why where you so shocked when he left you these things. Please make up your mind.


Dear Tim,

First off can't you do something about Cassy? Either tell her you don't like her, or that now is not the time, or something. I don't know if you can tell but she does like you and she's fawning over you in her own Cassy-tastic way. Make her stop.

Sorry about how underused you are. I really am, I'll be giving you some more time later on and if that's not enough I'll think about giving you a bit in the next story I write.

Good to speak with you,

Dear Ian,

Don't just sit there like a bloody lump! Say something and do more than hit a few buttons.

What can I say,

Dear Alex,

Alex, your a great captain and your dog rocks. You can feel free to say a bit more which I know you will coming up. Keep up your awsomeness.


Dear Rill,

Hello and greeting from earth Mr. Lizard alien. I know you just came into the story and theres not much I can say to you other than speak up and use lots of little alien quirks I know you have. Oh and Cassy hates snacks so if you could hiss like one I would love you.


Dear Kay,

Hold your horse you can come in during the end of the next chapter. Not to much longer and you can speak with Mozart.

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