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Author: Subject: Character Introduction
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[*] posted on 7-8-2010 at 12:54 PM

Full Name: undecided
Nickname: Lulu (temporary)

Age: 20-22 (undecided)
Race: humanoid
Gender: female
Occupation: stripper (not a prostitute)

Personality: money-grubbing/selfish, hard-working, bitter regarding gender equality, hypocritical, food-loving
Appearance: average height, slightly pudgy+friends with the boob fairy, long mouse-red hair, dirty swamp-colored eyes, very pale freckles, usually wears as many layers and she can comfortably handle

Family: a sickly father oozing towards death, stupid younger brother, mentally disabled cat, pervycreeper cousin
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[*] posted on 7-8-2010 at 08:11 PM

Full Name: Lunarian
Nickname: End
Age: At the moment, about 80. Appears to be in her late 20s due to being near immortal.
Race: human-type from the planet Hydlide
Gender: female
Occupation: At the moment, trainee interplanetary civil servant. A very small few now know that she is being trained secretly by the Computer to become the next Director.

Personality: Aloof, unemotional, secretive, extremely alert, learns quickly. Mostly indifferent to everything that happens around her but terrified of being deleted, gets annoyed by false accusations against her, irritated by rumour and irrational behaviour towards her. Has a good appreciation of music but no musical talent.

Appearance: Very tall and thin, pale skin, lilac eyes, bright magenta hair cut neatly to just above her neck, wears a grey trainee uniform and cap with a logo that looks like a flatline, ageless and largely expressionless face.

Family: both parents deleted after she personally reported them for interplanetary crimes at age 8
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[*] posted on 7-12-2010 at 06:44 PM

Full Name: Annemarie Jacqueline Rhodes
Nickname: Annie

Age: 15 (almost sixteen)
Race: does ginger count as a race?
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student with a keen interest in art and photography.

Personality: Tired of stereotypes that come with her Southern Town and wholesome appearance. Intelligent, she is both book smart and has common sense. Annie often wonders things and goes off into the "what if's" of life, also likes to flash back to her past and see what she could do differently. She is somewhat shy and blushes easily, but she has a good sense of humor and is slightly sarcastic.

Appearance: 5'5 and of normal weight. She has a "mop" of curly hair that she describes as "roughly the hue of a fire truck". Throughout the novel you see her love hate relationship with her ginger-ness. She has constellations of freckles and blue eyes, and pale skin.

Family: A father who loves books, hates his job, and tries to push Annie to be more outgoing. He wishes he knew his children better but feels as if it is a lost cause. Her mother as if she could be Annie's twin and she loves gardening, works as a delivery room nurse, and exersizes as much as possible. She often tries to gloss situations over instead of dealing with them head on. Her brother, Daniel ("danny") is a "gentle giant." Tall and dark, he hates conflict in all forms and tries to always keep the peace. With genius intelligence and impeccable theatrical talent, he is very close with Annie. However, his coming out of the closet gets the family ostracized. Annie has a best friend who is like a sister to her, named Charlotte. She is on the science competition team and also tries to defy stereotypes with the way she dresses and her sense of humor that involves every type of sexual joke imaginable.

History: Annie has lived in Sweet Haven, Virginia, for the entirety of her life. She has always dreamed of getting out, doing more than staying in the conservative town. The novel will explore how her brother's coming out of the closet rocks the town and her relationships with friends and family.

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