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AutoSummarize=Extreme procrastinating fun!

rebeldork - 7-2-2008 at 06:29 PM

I love creating this thread and reading everyone's "stories". :D

First, how to do it:

On MS Word, it's Tools > Autosummarize. Then click "Create a new document..." and change 25% to 1% (or whatever works best for your story). Then click "Okay".

It should come out with something vaguely resembling this:

"Joseph is dead, Lark."
"Finlay Lark." "Lark?"
Lark laughed. "If?"
"Lark." Lark could breathe again. Lark reached the deck. “Lark, it’s time.”
Lark watched him go. "Lark! It's Lark!"
"Claire," Lark said, grinning. Claire murmured, pulling Lark inside.
Lark nodded. "My clothes," Lark said. Lark laughed mirthlessly.

That is approximately 1% of my JulNo. :)

If you do 10 sentences, it'll most likely be your MC's name repeated over and over again.

I'd love to see others'. :)

Mad Red Queen - 7-2-2008 at 06:51 PM

Just tell me how to do it on OpenOffice, and I'd do it (lol)

veda - 7-2-2008 at 07:53 PM

It's not a feature that OpenOffice has, from what I can see. The other wp I use, DarkRoom, has formatting only. So I guess I won't be participating. lol Good idea, though! :D

rebeldork - 7-2-2008 at 08:14 PM

Aww :(

JSBulldog89 - 7-2-2008 at 10:00 PM

I may do it as soon as I start. :x

sunshinemusic - 7-2-2008 at 10:11 PM

Sure! But mine doesn't have much dialogue as yet. D:


I’d never really been one for religion. Despite this fact, my mother found the need to take me with her because enjoyed the pageantry of eight o’clock Sunday morning mass. I once asked my mother, when I was much older, why she decided to name me after the angel who told the mother of Christ that she was to bear the Saviour of the World. Not like my father who died from cirrhosis of the liver after drinking himself into a zombie-like permanent drunken stupor when he hit a mid-life crisis. Or my perfect older brother who migrated from home to go to university in the States, got his degree in cardiology, and ironically, died from a heart attack. With them dying from biological reasons, it seemed natural.

veda - 7-2-2008 at 10:32 PM

Originally posted by JSBulldog89
I may do it as soon as I start. :x

You haven't started? For shame! lol

Elke - 7-2-2008 at 11:05 PM

Jake nodded.

Desdemona rolled her eyes. “Yes,” Jake said plainly. Jake snorted.

Right! “Desdemona,” her mother said, scowling. Jake scowled. “Smart boy.”

Jake let himself laugh. “Alastair,” Dez said pointedly, and Jake laughed.


Alastair grew quickly. Jake loved blue eyes. “Jake, it’s only July,” Dez groaned. Jake laughed at her.


Alastair had met Leroy’s sister, once. Alastair smiled at him. Alastair said.

Regulars, Alastair thought. Alastair stifled a groan.

Thom grins.

Bits in bolded, to me, are priceless. Most likely this is a combination of me being the author and knowing what siuations they have been torn from, and my sense of humour. XD

Also, plenty of it makes no sense. So, um. There.

unholy confessions. - 7-3-2008 at 05:23 AM

I don't seem to have this autosummarize tool...then again I don't have very much at all on my version of word x]

veda - 7-3-2008 at 03:13 PM

Wow, unholy confessions, look at that word count! lol

...Erm, that is all. lol

nathan_p - 7-3-2008 at 07:53 PM

“No,” said Molly. “Yes,” said Molly. Molly nodded.

Molly nodded again.

Molly said redundantly. “Yes,” said Molly. “Yes,” said Molly. “No,” said Molly.

“No,” said Molly.

“Yes,” said Molly.

Remember his name, Molly. Sarah looked at Molly. Master Hollis taught me so.”

Molly sewed on.

Molly had.

“Molly is . . . new. Liam is about fifty. Liam remembers it vividly.

Liam holds it.

Hollis moves Liam’s left hand a little. . . . and Liam built two. “Other chemists?” says Hollis’s voice in Liam’s head. Hollis says laughingly. Yes, Liam definitely owes Hollis a favor. Molly laughed dutifully.

“ Let’s ,” said Molly.

“Liam Hamilton, reference librarian.”

Hollis says, “Hello, James.”

“James?” says Hollis. Hollis asks.

“Thank you,” says Hollis. Hollis pauses for a moment. “Hollis,” says the voice. “Liam here. “Yes,” Hollis says. “Wake up, Hollis,” says James.

Hollis turns around.

Hollis’s eyes widen.

Hollis asks groggily.

“Hello, Penny,” says Hollis. “Oh,” says Hollis. “Hmm,” says Hollis. “Oh my,” says Hollis. Hollis nods. “Liam, of course. “Liam,” says Hollis briefly. "Hello," says Liam.

“Hello,” returns Hollis.

“Hello,” says Liam.

“Of course,” says Hollis. “Sounds good,” says Hollis.

Liam likes that.

“Tea, please,” says Liam.

“Black,” says Hollis. Liam raises his eyebrows at Hollis, sarcastically.

” Hollis laughs. “Hollis turns back to Liam and recites:

Hollis groans. Liam goes on.

Liam laughs merrily, and Hollis chuckles also. Liam laughs. Hollis calls out. Hollis asks uncertainly. Liam pauses, looking at something, Hollis presumes. “I do,” says Hollis. Sometimes Hollis cannot sleep.

Molly hardly remembered it.

Liam said incredulously. “Honestly, Hollis. “Don’t, Hollis,” pleaded Liam. Hollis should be at home.

Hollis says loudly, “All right. Hollis is delirious.”

“Hollis, come over here,” Liam says sharply.

“Come on,” says Liam. “All right,” Hollis says grudgingly. Liam nods. Hollis is totally alone -- and Liam loves him.

Liam is still lost.

Liam wonders if Hollis was carrying any weapons. Hollis will be fine.

Liam met Hollis entirely by accident. Liam is visiting Hollis. Where is Hollis? Liam opens his eyes suddenly, shocked. Well, there’s Hollis. (Hollis kisses Liam, one arm crooked around him.)

(Hollis is unbuttoning Liam’s shirt with his delicate, cold hands.)

(Liam watches Hollis’ hands. (Hollis nuzzles against Liam, sleepy. Liam would never do that. Liam shakes it. “Reference -- librarian,” Liam stutters.

“Yes,” says Liam. Liam nods.

Liam remembers him now -- Hollis introduced them once. Liam is surprised.

“Oh my,” says Liam.

Liam says defensively.

Liam says confusedly.

“Well . . . I’m . . . dying . . . ” rasps Hollis. ““It’s . . . oh, Hollis. “Well . . . try . . .” says Hollis slowly.

“Hmm . . .” says Liam pensively. Liam chuckles. “All right,” says Liam reluctantly. “Good - bye,” says Hollis. Liam . . .”

Liam considers. Liam puts them on.

Liam shakes his head.

Liam nods slowly.

“Liam is dead.”

Evie watches Hollis for a moment. “Moth?” asks Hollis.

Hollis looks at Liam blankly.

Hollis checks his watch. “Hollis?” asks the visitor. “It’s about Liam.”

Hollis opens his eyes. Perhaps Hollis isn’t, but, well, Hollis never knew. Hollis walks into the library. Hollis relaxs.

Hollis asks, trying to kill time.

Molly looked up. “Well. Molly frowned. Molly nodded.

Oh wow. XD. This says a lot about my novel. Not a lot of it is good.

Also oh God, it picked my sex scene to quote from. The horror.

I find it particularly funny that you can totally tell who the main character is. And just how boring she is.

rebeldork - 7-3-2008 at 08:56 PM

I'm thinking, Nathan, that neither Hollis nor Liam is actually dead? XD

That's great. Your character Molly says yes and no quite a lot. :D

Pliny - 7-3-2008 at 11:34 PM

Josh grinned.
Alex grinned.
Josh nodded
Alex nodded vigorously.
Josh trailed off.
Josh shoved Alex "See!
"Alex, no problem.
Alex shrugged.
Alex's mom sighed.
"Alright Alex, pay attention.
"Very good Alex!
Josh high-fived Alex.
Mumbled Alex.
Josh dared Alex.
Josh laughed.
Josh nodded.
Josh grabbed Alex's arm.
Alex's mom nodded proudly.
Alex nodded brightly.
Alex nodded.
Alex nodded. (HOLY SHIT ALEX STOP NODDING! actually that was kind of on purpose, because he's quite so he nods instead of saying something.)
Josh shifted.
Alex shouted up to Josh.
Josh waved down at Alex.
Alex nodded. (surprise surprise.)
Josh looked unconvinced.
Alex nodded.

Okay. What bothered me was it didn't take anything from the first 3 pages, which was Phoebe's section! Mean Microsoft Word, ignoring Phoebe...

JSBulldog89 - 7-4-2008 at 12:18 AM

I did this for my 2004 NaNo (my only complete first draft), and it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Beccaa - 7-4-2008 at 07:03 AM

Oh, I love this thread! ^_^

Aoife pushed onwards. Pulling the mara to her, Aoife could feel the thoughts of the girl flooding through the walls. It seemed to Aoife that the girl would have died young regardless.
The girl was sleeping silently on her bed. This decided upon, Aoife stepped partway into the void, her body instantly stiffening. Aoife was not Frey. So as the girl opened her arms and smiled, Aoife pushed the dagger into her chest instead.
It was a scream that Aoife knew well.
At first, Aoife thought the girl was screaming in the dream-time alone. For all Aoife’s training, she was struggling to keep the girl’s body under control. Too late Aoife realised the truth.
Aoife stared at her in horror.
The girl – Calais – opened her mouth. "Callie!” the voice cried.
“Eddy?” Callie asked.
Callie nodded. “Olivia?”
Callie shook her head. Callie snapped.

Knowing the bits this has been taken from, I laughed so hard xD

SeerowsKindness - 7-4-2008 at 07:52 PM

Emma’s House

“Yeah. Hope shrugged. “Sylvia!” “Yeah?” Roz grinned right back. “Hey, Sylvia,” Felicity said.

“Felicity!” Roz nodded. Luke’s House

“No, Luke. “Yeah. Henry gave Roz flowers a lot. “Luke still?”

I called out to Roz.

Then I called Lissa. At Roz’s. “Lissa?” Dandelions? “Dandelions.”

“Whatever, Sylvia. “The list. “Sylvia?”

Roz said.

Lissa crowed.

“Sylvia?” “Oh, hi, Felicity.

I, very irrationally, love this.

nathan_p - 7-5-2008 at 12:15 AM

Originally posted by rebeldork
I'm thinking, Nathan, that neither Hollis nor Liam is actually dead? XD

That's great. Your character Molly says yes and no quite a lot. :D

Liam is dead for real, and Hollis eventually goes missing, presumed dead.

Also, Molly is ten, and The Dumb One in a cast of brilliant people. I didn't mean to write a comedy, I swear.

lavendrin - 7-5-2008 at 09:28 AM

Oh dear, look at those viscious adverbs *sobs*


Cadence asked gloomily.
Cadence gulped.
Cadence closed her eyes. Cadence slurred. Cadence spat. Cadence recognized Tom's voice. Cadence felt her head tenderly. Cadence turned her head slowly. Cadence fell limp. Cadence kept silence.
Cadence lifted her head.
Cadence stared.
"Maya. Cadence demanded.
Cadence knew.
Cadence laughed nervously.
Cadence blinked.
Cadence sighed loudly.
Cadence said nothing.

HumanoidCarbonUnit - 7-5-2008 at 09:19 PM

1% of my novel thus far.


Mr. Geoffrey Wellington gave a nod.
“Did the red headed broad say anything to you?”
Everyone loved eggs.
“Well then do it, Red.”
The red head shook her head.
“I could see if you could stay there if you like.”
“My name is Kilahn.”
“What sounds funnier?”
“Well yes.”
“If you say so.”
Dominic had forgotten about the clothes he had lent Red.
Red only nodded.
Kate asked finally.
Dom asked.
Dominic cringed but nodded.
Red shook her head.
“To see if you where hungry.”
Kate’s home was very different from Dominic’s.

All I have to say is wtf is up with the "Everyone loved eggs." quote. I forgot I even wrote that.O.o

purple_ink_pen - 7-5-2008 at 11:40 PM


Tiss shook her head. Vonner sighed.
“Vonner, eat her.” “Why, Vonner?” “Tiss.”
“Vonner. Tiss swore.

deeplyevilanemone: $$$
“Doc! “Evee. Evee? Tiss sighed.
JJ28: Tiss? JJ28: Tiss?

Find Tiss McMannin!
User: Tiss McMannin
JJ28: Tiss?
JJ28: Tiss?

No, that's not the computer screwing up. There's a lot of IMing going on. I didn't think I wrote it that many times, though...

Also? "Vonner, eat her." May be my favorite sentence ever.

SonjaFoust - 7-6-2008 at 08:44 PM

Too funny!


“York, actually,” corrected Adam.
“Who is calling, please?” asked Adam.
“York,” Adam corrected again, automatically.
“Adam?” "Red-eye.”
“Adam,” Greg greeted in kind. “I’ll be there,” promised Adam.
Adam sighed.
“Nope,” Adam said.
Adam shook his head. Felice refilled his coffee.
“Sorry, Frank,” said Felice. Felice balked. "Nothing,” said Adam.
Adam shrugged.
Adam shrugged.
Adam snorted. “Come on, Adam,” she growled. Adam smiled, the bastard. Adam paused.
Adam rolled his eyes. Big deal.
“Feeling better?” asked Adam.
“Call them suggestions if you like.”
Adam contemplated that.

Adam is apparently the star of this summary, although he gets less screen-time than his love interest in the actual novel.

SonjaFoust - 7-6-2008 at 08:49 PM

Originally posted by nathan_p
Also oh God, it picked my sex scene to quote from. The horror.

That's PRICELESS. At first I wondered if "Liam holds it," was the sex scene, but then I found it when I went back and looked again. :D

SonjaFoust - 7-6-2008 at 08:51 PM

Originally posted by SeerowsKindness
Then I called Lissa. At Roz’s. “Lissa?” Dandelions? “Dandelions.”

Love that part. Kind of poetic. ;)

SonjaFoust - 7-6-2008 at 08:53 PM

Originally posted by lavendrin
Cadence asked gloomily.
Cadence gulped.
Cadence closed her eyes. Cadence slurred. Cadence spat. Cadence recognized Tom's voice. Cadence felt her head tenderly. Cadence turned her head slowly. Cadence fell limp. Cadence kept silence...

I'm sorry, but I have to say it: I love the cadence of this. D'oh.

Jacquie - 7-8-2008 at 11:40 PM

This is approximately 3% of my novel thus far.... this scared me a little. lol. ^_^

“Rick Sci-jel-sky? “Come on in, Rick.” Rick frowned. C’mon, Florian.”
Florian was attractive; Rick wouldn’t deny that.
Rick cleared his throat. It’s Florian, right?”
Florian answered.
Rick ran to catch up with Florian. Rick scanned the paper. Rick promised.
Rick informed Florian.
Rick silently led Florian towards the art room. Rick explained. Florian peeked inside.
Rick guffawed. Florian raised an eyebrow at Rick’s suggestion.
Florian nodded as Rick rushed for the cafeteria. Florian protested.
Rick answered. “Florian meet my buddy Ken.”
Florian turned back to Ken.
Florian shook his head. Immediately, Ken, Rick and Florian looked up. Florian shuddered. Florian glared at the coach and Rick. “RICK!” Florian merely giggled.
Rick smiled and Florian winked back. Rick’s eyes went wide.
“Florian, dude. Rick didn’t like Florian. Ken pondered and Rick grinned. “Come on, Florian. Florian glanced from Ken to Rick. Rick said tiredly. Rick Sczygelski. Everyone liked Rick. Rick was slightly disappointed. “Rick!” Rick was suspicious.
Ken answered, Florian smirked at Rick.
Rick and Florian stared after him.
Florian hung up. Rick asked. Florian replied. Florian complained.
Rick laughed in agreement.
Florian shook his head. Florian exclaimed guiltlessly. Rick grinned.
Rick stated as he pulled into Florian’s driveway.
Rick muttered. Florian reached Rick. When Rick didn’t respond, Florian poked him again.
Florian stated staring at Rick criminally. Rick heard Florian preach. Florian pouted cutely as Rick approached the group. Rick growled.
Rick turned to Florian. Rick’s rough tone made Florian back up some.
Rick shouted angrily. “Come on, Florian. Ken tried to comfort Florian. Florian stated abruptly. Florian smirked.
Florian stated and Ken smiled.
“Look, Florian. Don’t worry about Rick. Rick worked. Rick knew it. Florian Cons. Now, Rick figured differently. Florian had wormed his way into Rick’s mind. When Florian wasn’t around Rick missed him. Rick muttered.
Rick sighed. Rick shivered. Rick’s stomach lurched. Rick paused momentarily. Rick started wandering. Florian’s fist clenched. Florian rolled his eyes. Florian replied shortly. Florian swirled around. Rick stated quietly. Rick grinned. Rick said seriously. Rick was desperate. Florian grabbed his hand. Rick giddily thanked him.
Immediately Florian’s hands were on Rick. Rick raised an eyebrow. Florian started hurriedly. Rick groaned. Florian cringed. Florian cheered. Florian muttered. Florian giggled.

lavendrin - 7-19-2008 at 10:28 AM

Originally posted by SonjaFoust
I'm sorry, but I have to say it: I love the cadence of this. D'oh.


Wow I'm glad I did the summary so early. I did it again just now and it sounds so awkward o_O

Elenor_Lirion - 7-20-2008 at 11:35 AM

here it is......i think the sections and bold chapter headings messed it up a little:

Jonah laughed out loud, running faster. Jonah lay down, smiling and closed his eyes.
"Fabian?" Lara.
"Fabian's right!" Jonah exclaimed. "Lucian, Lucian Renaldi. Fabian exclaimed.
Lucian's gaze fell on me.
Lucian grinned.
Lara nodded and turned to Lucian.
"Avani. Avani!" "The new boy, Lucian right? Jonah's turn was called.
Lucian smiled. Fabian nodded.
Lucian was watching me.
Lucian nodded at my brisk words. Lucian asked finally.
Lucian asked. Jonah asked slyly. Jonah laughed.
"Lucian? "Avani! Avani!" Lucian was asking. Lucian was asking.
"Avani!" "Avani? Lucian, Fabian and Jonah nodded and stood. Jonah scolded me. Jonah laughed but Lucian leaned closer, worried.
Jonah stood up.
Jonah waved and left.
I turned to face Lucian. Lucian would be gone. Lucian nodded.
"Jonah? "Jonah." Jonah nodded. "How's Jonah?"
Fabian. I asked Lucian.
Jonah inquired, looking surprised.
Jonah, are you coming?"
Jonah frowned. Lucian said, standing. Jonah stood too.
I love you Lucian."
Lucian said. Lucian responded.
Lucian huffed.
Lucian suggested. Jonah nodded, scowling.
"Jonah! Jonah!" I love him Jonah. "I'm sorry Jonah. Lucian smiled and seemed to relax. Jonah said, grinning.
Lucian smiled.
Jonah suggested.
Jonah replied. Lucian skidded to a stop, Jonah almost crashing into us.
"Jonah, get off the bike, Avani take Jonah's." Lucian got off the bike.
"Jonah, come here," Jonah met my eyes for a moment then walked over to Lucian.
"Avani! Jonah said.
"Avani, keep walking." Jonah skidded off. "Jonah! Lucian's hurt! "JONAH!" Jonah was still sleeping. "Lucian?" "Lucian?" "LUCIAN?" "Jonah! Where's Lucian? Jonah's face fell, his eyes dropped.
"Avani. Lucian...he's not here. Lucian was alive. Jonah answered.
Jonah come get me." Jonah asked.

Vulpine_Wolf - 7-20-2008 at 11:58 AM

... I just done this, and I just had the one characters name over and over again. O.o

If I had given her three names I probably would have hit 40,000 by now. :P

henwich - 7-23-2008 at 08:04 PM

The trouble began when good king Victore was killed. “Right… Orlanda said. “The next great story! “If you want things to go faster… “Well. “If you need that sort of thing. Imelda’s right hand held the pistol. “Stop!” Zita’s voice. “Right. Orlanda said, smiling. Women of easy virtue? Imelda frowned. Victore bowed, drawing his bloodied hand behind him. Victore turned to retaliate, but Esteban’s words halted him.

Victore’s heart swelled and shrunk alternately. Orlanda smiled. Imelda smiled.

Imelda replied. Look at King Victore.

Orlanda told me. The captain smiled. Besides, even if I wasn’t…

PrincessWhizbee - 7-23-2008 at 08:19 PM


"Oh, right, Tobey." "Tobey?" "Tobey?"
Tobey smiled. Tobey winced. Tobey smiled. Tobey smiled. Tobey shrugged. Tobey laughed. "Yeah," breathed Tobey. Tobey shrugged. Tobey sighed. "Tobey?" Tobey.

Hi Tobey. Tobey

"Tobey." Tobey grinned. Tobey nodded.

What's funny to me is that the MC is named Anna. Tobey is her love interest. And this actually makes a little sense, in an obsessive poetry kind of way. :)

misslasagna - 7-23-2008 at 09:30 PM

Aunt Lucy is ill. Aunt Emmy and Aunt Lucy each had their own piano. Aunt Lucy’s was dusted every day. Aunt Emmy was gone a lot so Aunt Lucy ended up taking care of me. After some talking, Aunt Lucy would read while Aunt Emmy drove and sang along with Diana Krall. This time with Aunt Emmy was special. I could tell Aunt Emmy some things that I couldn’t tell Aunt Lucy. When Aunt Lucy got back, things got tougher. Jenny shrugged. Aunt Lucy and Aunt Emmy each had a twin bed in the other bedroom. Aunt Emmy sighed. “Thanks, Aunt Emmy.”
Usually Aunt Emmy watched with us, but Aunt Lucy went to bed early. Unlike Aunt Lucy, I couldn’t move on. “Your aunts are a riot. Aunt Emmy had to sacrifice, too. Joe got along better with Aunt Lucy than Aunt Emmy. Aunt Emmy asked me when she was gone.
Aunt Emmy was gone for most of October. Want me to call your aunt? I’ll call your aunt.”
Aunt Lucy looked at me. “I told Aunt Lucy.”
“I know, Aunt Emmy.”
“Aunt Emmy?”
Aunt Emmy answered on the second ring. “Aunt Emmy, it’s Ryan. Aunt Lucy losing Ricky; me losing my parents; Jenny losing her father. Aunt Emmy had been home longer than usual and she and Aunt Lucy bickered constantly. Aunt Lucy didn’t think Aunt Emmy should let him spend the night. Aunt Emmy obviously didn’t care if I could hear. “Thanks, Aunt Lucy,” I said quickly. I picked at my veggies while Aunt Emmy and Aunt Lucy ate. Aunt Lucy looked at me with concern. Jenny.
Poor Jenny. “Yes, Aunt Emmy.”
“I know, Aunt Emmy.”
Aunt Lucy was perusing her dream book. “Hey, Jenny.”
Aunt Emmy wasn’t home, so I sat in the front seat with Aunt Lucy. “Ryan, seriously,” Aunt Lucy said.
“Joe!” “Hi, Aunt Lu.”
I smiled at the thought of Aunt Emmy and Aunt Lucy chained to posts, barking frantically at each other. Aunt Emmy was there. “Aunt Lucy, what is it?”
“Emmy...Emmy’s sick,” she managed.
Aunt Lucy could barely talk through her tears. Aunt Lucy cried harder. No, not Aunt Emmy, not my Auntie. Aunt Lucy’s the sickly one, not Aunt Emmy. “Ryan,” Aunt Lucy choked. Aunt Lucy pounded on the door.
Aunt Lucy finally went away.
I didn’t see Aunt Emmy once that whole time.
Aunt Lucy and Aunt Emmy were with him. Aunt Emmy was always the strong one.

“Aunt Emmy has cancer,” I gasped out.
“Aunt Emmy?”
Aunt Lucy came into the kitchen just then. I stayed home from school that day to spend time with Aunt Emmy. Aunt Lucy never asked for the essay anyway.

I asked Aunt Emmy.
Aunt Lucy wasn’t in the atrium or the living room. Aunt Lucy never drank. Aunt Lucy drinking was definitely not a good thing.
“Aunt Emmy,” I rasped, sitting up straight. Aunt Lucy’s eyes fluttered open. Aunt Emmy’s problems definitely exacerbated my eating problems.


Lilium Corsica - 7-25-2008 at 03:31 PM

Ok, so I have about five pages of summarizing that it gave me... so I'll just put the first paragraph here!!

Right. Amelia smiled. Deep red eyes looked into her own dark eyes, and perfectly set lips smiled, ever so slightly. “BU!!” Bu asked. “I was thinking of Zarya, obviously. Amelia loved blood. Zarya was the Countess, after all. Amelia thought. She turned to her right, and made her way down the dark, dark hall. “Amelia”
Zarya smiled. My mother’s mirror. I walked slowly around the room. I closed my eyes. Lucy!
We entered a large, dark room. “Lucy! I started thinking of Zarya. Zarya….
“Amelia….” Lucy said. Black and red stripes. Black Widow. I opened my eyes. It was dark, and cold. I looked into her dark eyes. “Amelia” came Zarya’s dark voice. I looked sideways at Zarya. Beautiful Zarya… my love.

Maybe I'll put some later... some parts are awesome, and some hilariously bad.... I mean hystarically funny bad. I just love reading all these other summaries, too! :)

[Edited on 7-26-2008 by Lilium Corsica]

Midnightshadow - 7-29-2008 at 07:19 AM

Fingal turned but stopped midway. Fingal spread his. Fingal nodded. Fingal spread his wings. Fingal asked.
“Sorry Fingal. Mentioned Fingal. Fingal looked up and saw Pex. “Where” whined Fingal. Again.” thought Fingal. Fingal rushed over to Pex. Fingal refused. “Fingal, come here.” Fingal walked over, confused. Fingal realized something. head.” Fingal ranright through the man = shade- thing. Fingal added. Fingal was ecstatic. “Men, Attten…twion!!” Pex thought. Pex says. Fingal commanded her. Pex! Pex! Fingal pulled himself up. “Where’s the fire.” asked Fingal. The man rejoiced. Fingal fainted forward.
Fingal smiled. Fingal theory was right.
Fingal watched it drop.

I really like the random HEAD and the wheres the fire