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Hey guys! Pop in to encourage please!

edgy - 7-30-2007 at 08:12 PM

I'm thinking of giving up on giving up JulNoWriMo. Who thinks I can do 19k in two days? (Actually I just started working at around 6ish pm, so less then two days).

Encourage me or taunt me, it'll drive me forward (since I don't want to have all 118 JulNoWriMo participants laughing at me if I don't make it!).

Thanks all! (Each poster will recieve a virtual gold medal and an imaginary cookie of their choice! FREE!)

GeorgeEliot - 7-30-2007 at 08:16 PM

Glue yourself to your computer!!! JulNo won't come again for another year. You can't give up! You will regret it for the rest of your life if you don't finish this! And, btw, 19K in a day and a half is pretty doable, even including eating meals, if you write pretty much nonstop in your free time. Do not even THINK about giving up!! We all want to see your name on the list of winners for 2007! Get writing!!!
Hope this helps. :) I'm serious, you can't give up now.

sylvrilyn - 7-30-2007 at 08:20 PM

Go-go-go! You can do it.

Writing over real life is the motto for the last couple of days! ;) Type like a madperson!

bouncy_girl - 7-30-2007 at 08:35 PM

I think you can do it! 19k is certainly tough, but if you don't have a whole bunch of things that you need to do tomorrow and have a lot of time to write, then I would say that nothing is impossible!

P.S. Could my imaginary cookie be chocolate chip? :D

edgy - 7-30-2007 at 09:39 PM

Thank you all for the much needed encouragement! bouncy_girl: of course! *hands out cookies and gold medals*

I've slapped 2421 words onto my word count in 130 minutes and will write away the rest of the night on paper. Make sure you're there to shun me if I lose and definitely make sure you're there to say a warm word when I win:D! Now I just need to figure out what I'll use for a blind fold..

JSBulldog89 - 7-31-2007 at 08:43 AM

You can do it! 19k... that's like 9.5k a day, averaging 2,000 words per hour... only about 4 and 3/4 hours of work per day! (My math is probably horrible.)


edgy - 7-31-2007 at 09:08 AM

No, actaully, it's 15 hours of work today :D I fell asleep handwriting yesterday. I was only going 900 words per hour anyway. *hands out medal and cookie* Thanks for the encouragement!

Edit: Anyone out there who is behind, I can share my secret. One gallon sized cup of coffee per hour. Turned off screen. Works every time. My inner editor ran away in fear. My muse is siting by my bedside, worreid sick and showering me with magical writing abilities. Including forgetting how to spell!

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edgy - 7-31-2007 at 08:38 PM

Yay. I can now go die (sleep) and have dreams of Lady Justice statues coming to life and taunting me about the er... 'small snippet' I wrote about the meaning of her ... it had everything to do with the book!! I made one of the characters read it in some one else's journal entry. Coffee makes me sick ....after those 18 fl ounce mugs I had hour after hour after hour after hour after hour (ok I'll stop now: 'etc') today you'd wonder how I'm still alive.

bouncy_girl - 7-31-2007 at 08:43 PM

Congrats! :D

Beccaa - 8-1-2007 at 04:42 AM

Congratulations! =D

GeorgeEliot - 8-1-2007 at 06:01 AM

Awesome! That must feel great. Good job! :)

edgy - 8-1-2007 at 07:38 AM

I'm too tired to feel anything at the moment *weak, sleepy smile*. Thanks everyone. It's been quite a month!