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Words Warriors avoid me?

edgy - 7-22-2007 at 02:11 PM

Ok, I'm sort of new and skeptic about the chat thing, but althrough I pushed past my stubborness, alas, where are all the Word Wars?!! For one, there's never more than two or three people in the chat room and everyone's always...silent. That just creeps me out right there. So are all the Word Warriors avoiding me, or what? :-/

sylvrilyn - 7-22-2007 at 02:51 PM

There have been some people having word wars on AIM, in the julnobuddies chat, but I've never really seen anyone in the IRC chat, either. I'm usually on AIM when I'm online, but I've been working a lot recently, so not home as much. I'm going to try to be on more and do some wars in the next couple of days, because I need to get back on track.

Btw, I was a skeptic about word wars, too, until I did a few! :)

Beccaa - 7-22-2007 at 03:05 PM

Edgy - I agree! I've been looking in the chat room, but no-one seems to be on, and if they are, it's always scarily silent V_v.

I did so many Word Wars in NaNo, and I haven't done a single one in June so far! >.<

JSBulldog89 - 7-22-2007 at 03:05 PM

Yeah, the chat room was/is kind of dead this year. I actually haven't done a word war in forever... I always lose, I'm dreadful.

Erin - 7-22-2007 at 04:24 PM

If you pop into the julnobuddies chat room and mention war, someone usually jumps on it with you [and if Katie & I are there, we might even sing you a song, heh].

edgy - 7-23-2007 at 03:35 PM

Everyone seems to have AIM... I've been trying to reacht he pple at the nanowrimo forums but nothing so far today. You probably realized by now that I don't have AIM..:(

emmeline - 7-23-2007 at 03:38 PM

I've gone in the chatroom a good few times too but no-one spoke back to me! :-/

edgy - 7-23-2007 at 03:44 PM

Maybe all of us should get together and war sometime. I dunno about time zones through.

Beccaa - 7-23-2007 at 04:23 PM


I'd be up for it! ^_^

I don't have AIM either :(

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emmeline - 7-23-2007 at 04:30 PM

I also don't have AIM but would join in with an organised time if we can co-ordinate all the different zones. :)

edgy - 7-23-2007 at 04:41 PM

All three of us seem to be on now. O.o

I live in Chicagoland IL (USA). You can look up the exact time right now and also other people's times here:
(there's a 'large world clock' link there if you can't find your city, but I think the first one lists enough main cities)

I'm pretty unstructured about the times that I'm on the computer, but for most of this week, anywhere 4pm-9pm would be cool, just post in the forum and I'll try to check it from time to time.

Emmeline: wow, scotland. lol. XD

See you guys soon (to Word War, hopefully) :)

emmeline - 7-23-2007 at 04:57 PM

OK, looks like I am 6 hours ahead of you, edgy! I will look out for you when it's late-ish here and hopefully catch up for a word war soon!

edgy - 7-23-2007 at 04:59 PM


Beccaa - 7-23-2007 at 05:05 PM

Unfortunately, I'm also around six hours ahead of you, living in England >.<

I'll try and catch you for a word-war when it's late around here, but right now I'm heading off to bed, as I'm completely shattered.

I'll probably be on quite late tomorrow night though, so I might catch you then.

Hopefully I'll have a word war before JulNo is over xD

edgy - 7-24-2007 at 05:22 PM

Hmm I'm in a major plotting mode, so I don't know when I'll be able to start typing again......hopefully within the next few days because I have quite a few thousand words to catch up on..O.o Oh, and when you are in the chat room, scream "word war!!!!!!" in all caps so that I know that you're there. :)

EDIT: never mind! My plot is complete. I'll be up whenever I can, actually ON the chat system, not walking away for six hours.

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